Welcome to the Aardwolf project!

Not really sure where I should start off but maybe if I just keep typing something cool will come to me… OH, I know!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why not contribute to Diaspora, Friendica, or [insert_project here]?

A few reasons.

  • One, at the time of inception I’d completely forgotten about Diaspora.
  • Two, I strongly feel that having -more- options is better than fewer.
  • Finally, I, and the rest of the initial dev-team, REALLY just wanted to do a cool project in Rust-lang.

Q: Why did you pick Rust-lang?

Because Rust seemed like a cool system-level(ish) language with built-in security. The fact that it can DO web-stuff is also pretty awesome.

Go checkout Are We Web Yet? for more info on the Rusty Web :)


These are the folks I trust implicity with the project

  • Pete “BanjoFox” - Project Manager, Wiki documentation, supposed to be working on Front-End stuff…
  • Mark “KD0BPV” - Rust Back-end wizard, also helps keeps Pete in line ;)
  • Eric “SillyString” - Started the original GitHub project
  • Paul “pwoolcoc” - Rust back-end, rocket, diesel, lots of other good stuff!
  • Jason “jfmcbrayer” - Big props to helping with architecture/design considerations
  • Jen “Ghost” - Future JavaScript wizard, also offered to help with Acessibility

Oh.. and this guy too.

  • Steve “Sivy” - The one responsible for the website your reading right now ;), and also some design stuff he may not want me to talk about.