Current state of the Aardwolf code

  • The server compiles
  • The Master branch, which uses for the web templates will render okay, and work for testing logins
  • Logins work, but the auth-token is sent to STDOUT so I literally have to copy/paste it into a browser to authenticate new users
  • We are migrating to Tera for templates, but the language files are not -yet- in the correct context which causes a 500 error because Rocket/Tera is trying to populate the ``

High Priority TODO’s

  • Bring the language files from /lang/*.toml into the correct context (fixing Tera runtime issue)
  • Configure something for e-mailing the auth-tokens

Alpha-release (MVP) Targets

  • Develop functionality for a single-instance “shoutbox-like” posting
  • Basic federation between two servers