Mozilla Global Sprint 2018

I have submitted the Aardwolf project to Mozilla’s Global Sprint (May 10th-11th), and have been (somewhat) frantically trying to get the repository ready. If you would like to check out what other projects are part of go check them out! Mozilla Global Sprint Homepage. By “getting the repository ready” I mean mostly working on documentation, and trying to better define what in the heck it is we need!

Hackers Guide to Aardwolf

Most of the above has been coming in the form of The Hackers Guide to Aardwolf. The hackers guide, is simply a top-level directory which I am using as a library for documenting the development targets/features. At this point pretty much all of the docs in here (including the are first-draft attempts, and likely need a lot of collaboration to really flesh out the ideas. But hey! It is a starting point right? I should also note that, while there are a few docs in here already, I’ve started a new branch (note_taking) which is currently tracking the chaotic mess of me adding things on the fly. Hoping to merge this soon.
If you want a direct link, here you go – Hackers Guide to Aardwolf.

Public demo, closing user registrations

The, seemingly, steady flow of user-auth requests for the live demo have been enough to make me want to put a hiatus on them. For the time being I’ve frozen the new user creations because there really-and-truly is not much more than a static web page that allow authentication. When we have something more interesitng to look at, the registrations will open again. If however, you are a developer that would like to do testing, please let me know, and we can work something out :)

New repository for Aardwolf Interface hackers

I have created a separate repository that can be used by folks that would prefer to only work on what the future of Aardwolf looks/feels like. That is found here: Aardwolf Interface Development