New Artwork

I have received a wonderful set of artwork from Alex Daily that we can use for the Aardwolf project. There is still some work to be done on our side to get things posted, and credited properly, but its here! The full set will be included with the other art assets before too much longer.

  • Banjo

Aaren’t you glad I didn’t title this Aartwork? :P

Open to All Contributors

Just wanted to give everyone a friendly remind that anyone interested in the project is more than welcome to contribue. Even if it is something as small as suggesting an edit to fix a spelling error.
If you have ever wanted to learn to write code, be it Rust, or HTML/CSS that’s fine too! We actually have several contributors that are still learning to program, and we are all more than willing to mentor folks that want the help. Working on a project, and having someone to bounce ideas off of is always a great way to learn new things :D