State of the Aardwolf

Cutting to the chase. Here is the current status of the project.

General Status

  • Code compiles under Rocket, or Actix
  • Authentication is being updated
  • WebPack needs considerable improvement
  • Documentation has improved
  • General repo cleanup

Rust/Backend Progress

  • Actor models are largely completed
  • Other models are also done
  • Logging is in progress

Front-End Progress Updates added to: Aardwolf-Interface Repository

  • A lot of wireframes have been added (80% coverage)
  • Some wireframes have been coded in pure HTML/CSS (30% coverage)
  • i18n translations were updated in main repository


Here are the current priorities for the project

Backend Priorities

  • E-mail notifications (required for user sign-ups
  • Get basic timeline working
  • Fix WebPack so that it grabs the proper styling resources

Front-End Priorities

  • Convert existing interface templates to Ructe Syntax
  • Code up remaining templates to match wireframes
  • Build additional wireframes to get 100% coverage for Minimum Viable Product (MVP)


  • Banjo