A more modular hyena

Our dear friend, and colleague Arlo (aka Asonix), has once again blessed us with several metric tonnes of code. Not the least of which is a more modular backend. Short version, it is now possible to build with either Rocket.rs, or Actix. This is really cool because it means that we can do some serious side-by-side testing down the road. It also has the benefit of providing more choices. Sadly I am not quite versed enough to explain why choose one over the other but hey, glad to have the option ;)

Just a few moments ago PR #159 was merged, thus finally nailing down Tera as our templating language (syntax?) of choice! Also included in this is the i18n translation functionality, which has become a pretty important part of the project. Unfortunately these translations are only with the aardwolf-rocket feature, and will not (yet) work on Actix. Given that the i18n_rocket crate (what we are using for the i18n support) will soon see a major update the decision has been made to hold off on making it work with Actix. Once the updates have been released, we will look at it with fresh eyes.


  • Banjo