Back in action

After a painfully long hiatus, I am finally back, and actively poking away at things. The chatroom has sprung to life with some new blood, as well as some old faces (welcome back KD0BPV). While it felt shamefully good to let my brain decompress for a while, I kept always thinking how little progress I was making. This new influx however, has really rejuvinated my interest, and I’ve been busy chattering away, and posting lots of little updates.

Thank you Redditors

It seems as though some of the new folks have been finding us by way of This Reddit to which I spent the better part of 4 hours frantically trying to reply to! So if you are on Reddit, please feel free to spread this around, and ask questions as you see fit :) I promise I will try to keep up haha :D

Growing Branches

Here is the real meat of the update.

  • i18n-templates, with a great deal of help from Redditor christiansakai is now finally in a semi-working state!! This branch includes Baptistes rocket_i18n crate for UI translations, as well as switching from Handlebars.js to templates.
  • Master branch still compiles, and has some minor package updates for WebPack.
  • Lastly I have added some of my -raw- design_notes to the aardwolf-interface repository for folks that want to visually see how I /think/ things should look.

Final notes

  • Logging is being looked at again
  • SMTP functionality is also being re-discussed
  • The “demo” server still is not ready for registrations, but I am thinking about using a different TLD for it.


  • Banjo